The Ready’s Medium Publication

I periodically publish articles on The Ready’s Medium publication. They run the gamut from nitty-gritty guides about how to run better meetings, to extremely nerdy and theoretical takes on how entropy is a useful metaphor for thinking about organizations, to everything in between.

Designing the intentional organization

November 2018

10 principles of emergent organizations (and how we live them at The Ready)

December 2016

Three things great leaders inside contemporary organizations do

July 2016

Organizational design without empathy won’t work

April 2016

Good organizational design is destructive

February 2016

The secret weapon your organization isn’t using

January 2016

Wanting better leadership doesn’t mean needing better leaders

November 2015

Creating an organizational design firm for the 21st century

August 2015

How to host the best meeting of the week

August 2018

How to make sure your organization is constantly getting better (part 1)

August 2016

Why effective organizations and people know the inverted pyramid is fractal

May 2016

You are not a router. You are human

March 2016

The simple skill separating those who learn from those who don’t

February 2016

Your team plays like it practices (for better or worse)

January 2016

The two sides of the organizational design coin

November 2015

Noise isn’t the enemy: Finding the signal in your organization

February 2017

How to make sure your organization is constantly getting better (part 2)

October 2016

The fundamental difference between thriving and dying organizations

May 2016

The future of getting better at work

March 2016

Doing good work is hard to do, so don’t sabotage yourself

January 2016

People ruin everything (especially your org change effort)

December 2015

Always be closing (your projects)

October 2015

Personal Writing

And sometimes I write about things unrelated to my work at The Ready. For awhile I tried to write something every day and a couple years ago I wrote a recap of every single Red Wing game (until they got so bad that forcing myself to watch them and write about them seemed too self-flagellating). I’ve picked a few of my favorite (and most recent) articles below but you can check out my full archive on Medium.

Looking back at 2018

January 2019

My one year anniversary of being a PhD drop out

July 2017

Let me help you not suck at email

June 2017

State of the apps: 2019

December 2018

State of the apps and tools: 2018

January 2018

Is technology destroying my intuition?

December 2017

Weekly review and self-management of attention

June 2017

Seeking quiet in a noisy world: A personal experiment

September 2016

Today is my last day as a PhD student

July 2016

Use software that sparks joy

July 2018

Focusing on the how in the quest for great work

April 2018

My 2017 in books

January 2018

#mundanelife: An exercise in boring

June 2017

In which I have to critique one of my intellectual heroes

June 2017

A brief farewell to Joe Louis Arena

April 2017