Selected Projects

This is what has my attention right now.


Open Office Hour

I try to hold an hour open every weekday to have conversations with anybody about anything. They tend to be about some combination of the future of work, org design, positive psychology, The Ready, hockey, and/or consulting but I’m up for whatever. Click this link to sign up for a time slot and let’s chat!


Fields of Work

Sam and Max are brothers. One is the oldest. The other is the youngest. One is a corporate consultant. The other one is an organic farmer. What’s up with that? Let’s talk about it.

A brotherly exploration into the world of work, deliberate attention, and living a meaningful life.

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The Deliberate

The Deliberate is a weekly-ish newsletter that delves into attention and what it means to cultivate it, protect it, and generally treat it like the scarce resource that it is.


Brave New Work Weekly

Every week(ish) I write a newsletter all about the future of work, organizational change, and org design. It’s aimed at anybody who cares about making work better. Whether you’re an executive at an organization, a manager, a practitioner of org change, or anyone else who works with other human beings on a regular basis, I think you’ll find something interesting in it.

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Year of Mundane

I’m tired of perfectly curated and manicured social media accounts. What if I just took pictures of really boring and totally mundane things instead? That’s what I’m doing on my personal Instagram account under the #yearofmundane hashtag. It’s very boring. I wouldn’t recommend following.

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The File Drawer [retired]

In 2014 Eric Middleton and Sam Spurlin were PhD students in organizational behavior and organizational psychology. They decided to do a podcast that was nominally about what they were learning, studying, and researching. As is often the case, the podcast took on a bit of a life of its own and ended up spanning 63 episodes across roughly two years. The podcast is no longer active development, but the entire archive is available by searching for “The File Drawer” in your podcast player of choice or by clicking the link below.


Getting History Done [retired]

I read a lot of biographies and I’m kind of obsessed with how people get work done. The end result of these two interests is this periodically updated blog full of quotes from people talking about how they work.


Odd Man Rush [retired]

In 2017 I decided to try to write a recap of every single Red Wing game along with a little personal snippet of my own hockey playing life. I only made it 29 games in but I’m actually pretty happy with what I was able to create. I plan on adding future hockey writing to this publication, too.